How to cook "Spicy Butter Sauteed Shrimp" my original recipe

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Hello everyone! Today I will show you how to cook "Spicy Butter Sauteed Shimp", This is my original version of buttered shrimp.

Spicy Buttered Sauteed Shrimp

If you know what's the taste of a regular buttered shrimp well this is the savory, sweet and more juicy version of the regular buttered shirmp. I add more spices to add completely different twist to the taste of that buttery dish.

So let's start the cooking! Don't worry the procedure is very fast and easy haha..



  • shrimp(medium/big size) 4-6 pcs
  • butter 30g
  • red chili 2pcs
  • minced garlic 3 cloves
  • onion(small) 1pc
  • salt 1/4 teaspoon
  • ground black pepper
  • sugar 1 spoon
  • water 30-40 ml
  • MSG 1/4 teaspoon (optional)


20200429_110419.jpg cut the body of the shrimp into half without cutting the head..

20200429_110634.jpg First preheat the pan with very slow fire then put the butter and dissolve it in the cooking pan.

20200429_110749.jpg then after dissolving the butter put the garlic and saute it until the color turns into golden brown.

Then put the onion and red chili and saute it again for at least 1 minute.

20200429_111310.jpg then put the shrimp and add 40 ml of water.

20200429_111611.jpg the cover the pan and with a very slow fire and cook it for 3 to 4 minutes until the water get dry.

20200429_111655.jpg then after 8 minutes of cooking our Spicy buttered sauteed shrimp is done and ready to be serve...

20200429_112139 (1).jpg

If you love sweet and spicy savory foods like me, you can try this one this is very fast and easy especially when you already prepared all the ingridients. You won't regret cooking this once you take a bite hahaha..

That's all for now, I'm hoping that some of you will try to cook this one day haha and thank you for your time spent reading this content


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