[#Cooking Tips] ~ Easy Way to Cut Avocados

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Hi, Steemit Friend :)

Figure out how to cut an avocado effectively and rapidly every time with this basic well ordered photograph instructional exercise! One basic little "mystery" uncovered that will give you superbly cut avocado unfailingly.

The initial step is picking your avocados. Search for avocados that are delicate, however not very squishy. Firm yet not shake hard. Utilizing the ideal readiness will make your cutting occupation less demanding.


Utilizing your most keen blade, cut the avocado down the middle then "thud" the pit with the blade. Expecting your avocado is ready, the pit should pop ideal out.


Presently score every one of the avocado halfs into 1/2-in solid shapes with the blade, being mindful so as not to carve completely through the skin yet completely through the avocado.


At that point utilize a spoon to scoop out the mystically officially cut avocado 3D shapes!



Well, the avocado is ready to be served according to your taste... Let's cook with heart / love :)

Photo Source : www.google.com



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