Beer? Wine? Which Do You Prefer?

in food •  2 years ago

Do you usually drink beer? If yes, is it dark beer? Or maybe light colored beer?

Or maybe do you prefer wine? As to me, I prefer wine, red wine, which is rich in flavor. I generally drink half a glass of wine a day.

Do you think that beer is healthier than wine?

Thank you.

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Taken in moderation is healthier wine, it is easier to distil from the body, instead beer swells and has many calories.
thank you so much for asking.
Very good post dear friend @luciaanna


Excessive amounts can lead to liver damage. Thank you, @jlufer, for sharing your opinion.

I think it depends on the moment, if are clubbing or between meals are better beer, however for eating i prefer wine, and this wine depend on the menu, for example a white wine is a good option if you eat fish.


My doctor says that red wine prevents cholesterol build up from meat. I seldom eat fish, and in this case I prefer white wine. Thank you for your comment, @speckofdust