A trip to the farm market for potatoes

in food •  last year 

I went to the farm market to get potatoes today. They are very healthy and delicious! There were all kinds of potatoes, such as russet, idaho, red, gold, white, purple, and sweet. I bought a little of each type. There are so many health benefits of potatoes! The potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin-C and B-complex in potatoes are great for the skin! The calcium and magnesium help to provide relief from rheumatism! Potatoes help to prevent cancer, reduce blood pressure, and reduce inflammation in the body! They help with managing your weight by giving a feeling of fullness after you eat! Lately, I've been eating nothing but potatoes! That's how good they are!



The different colors of the potatoes look so nice, especially the purple ones! I'm sure I will be going back soon to get more of them!


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Love the colors of the potatoes.
Actually never seen purple ones before haha


The colors are so nice! The purple ones are such a vibrant color!

Yes potatoes are for us like rice for Asian people. They would never bored us and are such an inspiration for so many dishes!


Potatoes are part of a lot of different recipes! They are very healthy and I include them in my diet quite often!

Gosh look at those purple potatoes! So bright in colour


The purple potatoes are very colorful! There were also red potatoes that were in bags!

I didn't know potatoes did all that I didn't know there was any health benefit thanks for the info and I love the pictures!!❤️


Potatoes are so good and I eat them all the time! There are so many different varieties and colors!