Treat vitamin C as a candy and become a stone.

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Of all kinds of vitamins, the best is "vitamin C". Any food and nutrition intake too much, have a bad effect for body。

Toxicity, the absolute relationship with human body metabolism, like heavy metal material to eat, human body cannot metabolize, deposit in the internal organs, cause cancer, nerve degeneration, the same excessive nutrient, if exceed the speed of human metabolism, can produce toxicity!

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.

According to a 2013 study by JAMA, the American medical association, people experience natural metabolization of oxalic acid, and the extra oxalic acid must be excluded from the urine of the kidneys. However, when a person eats "15-20 times daily recommended dosage", excessive "oxalic acid" can not be removed by urine, it will become the crystallization of "kidney stone", which can cause physical burden in our urinary system.

In particular, males are statistically significant in this study compared to women.

Nutrients, like any science, will always come out with time, and we'll find some more powerful and more effective nutrients. We discovered vitamins and minerals a few decades ago. In recent years, we've discovered what we'll find in the future.

Therefore, we suggest that, in addition to the nutrition supplement, we also should focus on "balanced diet", let the natural food naturally to make up our bodies have not been discovered "nutrition", so that you know?

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