Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse with Sour Cherries📷

in food •  5 months ago 

A super easy and mouthwatering dessert with a rich vanilla flavor and a chocolate touch, served with homemade sour cherry sauce.

An all time classic vanilla- chocolate combination with sour and sweet delicate flavor of these little precious deep red fruits!I thought to make this treat, by chance, when I was looking these photos below, that I took last February, when the trees blossomed and Spring was coming..

Well, after this “blooming” inspiration, I decided to make a dessert that reminds spring! A light into the darkness of winter days..So, this decadent , beautiful and easy- to make- dessert was ready in a few minutes!White chocolate with heavy whipping cream and vanilla bean paste for one layer of dessert and milk chocolate with cream and vanilla for the other.The sour cherry sauce on top creates an amazing combination with the two different kind of chocolates for filling.
It needs only a few hours to chill in the refrigerator and then is ready to eat!

It has a fluffy, silky cream, an amazing combo of aromas and flavors and brings you pleasure from the first bite!It suits perfect with your afternoon espresso coffee..

This vanilla- chocolate mousse is certainly a tasty delight for you and something you could serve the next time you want to impress your guests and you don’t want to spent hours in your kitchen..A few ingredients but so rich in taste!

Thank you!!❣️❣️

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Love the way you photograph food :)
Do you use vanilla extract or vanilla emulsion? I make my own vanilla extract, but I am seeing that emulsions don't burn off the flavour when cooking.


I'm so glad you love it!😊You make me happy!😊
Oh great!And I can imagine the amazing flavor and aroma of your homemade vanilla extract!
Well, to tell you the truth, I use both of them.I love love love the rich flavor of pure vanilla extract, depends on the dessert. And.. you are right!!Alcohol-free emulsion is stronger than an extract, because when it is subjected to high heat, the flavour will not "bake out".

I love how vibrant and lively this post is, especially the photos of blossoming trees, it's still so cold here :(


Thank you!! 😊😊These trees are in my backyard!
I can imagine the cold there!
This year-after many many years-we had a very cold and bad winter here!But the sun of Greece is so strong, that the trees bloom in February and makes the colors so vivid!We have something good..Sun and food!Αnd the beaches too!haha

Beautiful my dear! Red Passion!
You have to join @appics too, they will love you there :)


You just find the right title for my post!
Thank you so much my dear @katerinaramm!😘💖
Yeah, I think I will join you soon!Thanks for the idea!

So appetizing looks!
Everything is great, but that's where to get the cherries (homemade sour cherry sauce)?
We do not have it .... :-(((
There is only a sweet cherry.


Thank you!!😊😊
Hahaha!!You are absolutely right!!I had made this sour cherry sause(and many more jars..) the last summer, when sour cherries were on the market!Now we have to wait for summer again!


I also really like cherry compote and dumplings with cherry.

Κόλαση είναι κόλαση... Αν και δείχνεις φωτογραφίες με ανθισμένα λουλουδάκια δεν είναι παράδεισος,κόλαση είναι... :))))


Χαχαχαχα!!!!🤣 Λες μόνο στην κόλαση να έχει τέτοια γλυκά??!
Καλή σου μέρα!!!

this is such an aesthetic 💜

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I'm glad you like it!Thank you @elpoliglota!



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