Fresh Fig Ice Cream

in #food5 years ago

August is fig season here, in Greece and my fig trees are full with these delicious sweet fruits.
I love to use them in salads, in tarts, to make marmalade and healthy smoothies, but never before as a main ingredient for ice cream. And I have to say that I really enjoyed every bite of the fig ice cream!
This delicate frozen dessert is so simple, with an amazing rich taste and creamy texture with crunchy bites from fig seeds. I served it with some small pieces of honeycomb(smells incredible) and fresh figs. A summer perfection made by fruits of season.









Thank you!!!❣️❣️


Why are you teasing and seducing?
Despite the fact that it’s already late evening, I’m going to eat ice cream now.
True without figs :-)))

Hahaha!!I din't had this purpose..Besides, ice cream is a small, innocent, sweet temptation!
Ok, no problem, without figs!😊

Looks like I need to get myself to Greece I’ve never had Fig ice cream before but I do love figs hmmm looks yummy

Greek cuisine is famous for many beautiful dishes. And this ice cream is absolutely delicious!Whenever you have the chance(and because you love figs), you should try it!

Κόλαση κόλαση κόλαση κόλαση!!!

Χαχαχα!!!Μα αυτήν την αντίδρασή σου περίμενα!!!

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