Belgian pancakes with beer

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Belgian pancakes with beer

light beer 200 ml
flour 200 g
sugar 130 g
cream 35% 100 g
Butter 60 g
yeast, dry 5 g
eggs 4 pcs.
3 tablespoons cowberry sauce

Mix sifted wheat flour, dry yeast, eggs. Top up the melted butter. Mix with whisk until it is completely homogeneous. Pour in the light beer, carefully, so that it does not foam too much, mix, salt - to taste. Pour the dough into silicone molds for baking muffins.

Bake in oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Slightly cool, remove from molds. Separately whip the cream with sugar, put on a spoon on Belgian pancakes, along with cranberry sauce.

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