Chinese Savior Crepe 煎饼果子

in #food6 years ago



Ordered the expensive Chinese crepe ($8) from this modern French crepe stall out of curiosity.... the crepe ingredients were pretty simple: egg, crackers, Chinese black bean sauce, decorative onions/sesame. Surprisingly, the simple crepe made by a Japanese staff tasted really good!!

在mall 里面发现一个很现代的法式煎饼/甜饼摊子里面有卖煎饼果子,勾起了我的好奇心。点了以后一个日本小哥在面糊糊上打了一个蛋,加了点薄脆和黑色的酱汁,还有一点芝麻葱花之类就大功告成了。小小一个煎饼要八块钱,真是有够贵的。但是竟然意外地好吃,我想可能老板是中国人吧。


it seems very Delicious with the combination . thanks

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wow looks nice i wanna taste that hh

looks so yummy! Can't wait to go back to Vancouver for summer after one month:)

Yup, Oakridge Mall!

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