Retro restaurant

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Hey dear friends! 🤗
Welcome to Retro restaurant.😋
Today i would like to share with you another new experience...
New resturant ( fast food).
Cozy atmospher with beautiful and stunning decoration and arrangement.
The act and behaviour of staff was good.
Caesar salad is incredibly delicious,
Also, potato with cheese and burgers are excellent and yummy.
Almost all foods have a good taste.


You can also use the outside and inside space of this fastfood, both of them are cozy and attractive.


سلام به دوستاي خوب هم وطن و همشهري ، امشب به دعوت يكي از دوستانم به رستوران رترو رفتم ، كه دكوراسيون و فضاي خيلي دنج و با مزه اي داشت، تزيينات رستوران ، به نظرم خلاقانه بود،غذاهاش خوشمزه بود خصوصا برگرهاش كه توصيه مي كنم ، مراحل تهيه ي غذاها رو شما مي تونيد ببينيد و جلوي چشم خودتان آماده ميشه،پاركينگ دارد كه البته خيلي بزرگ نيست، همچنين فضايي بيرون و داخلي براي نشستن . اگه نرفتين امتحانش كنيد، قيمت هاش به نسبت بد نبود.


آدرس: شهرك غرب ، بلوار دريا،روبروي پارك دلاوران، خيابان گلها، نبش كوچه عسگري




Here is the menu.
Ready and waiting!!!!



If you come iran and haven't eaten food here, you simply must!


Burger time! 💜
Get yourself a yummy burger.


Let's go.


As you see, here is our yummy pizza.

You can see the pizza preparation process at this restaurant.


My lovely friend, also my beautiful sister.
Good friends are like a diamond, don't lose them. 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


this looks awesome i want to go here!