Healthy BBQ

in #food9 months ago

Hi there new BBQ post today, but a bit different than usual.

My wife invited fre friends of her, girls and to accommodate their tastes she decided to prepare some veggies, and grill them on our BBQ.

Normally we just grill meat and fish, but I have to admit that those veggies were not bad at all.


Sure BBQ is not healthy by definition and cooking some veggies do not change this fact, but at least they are better than a piece of fat pork.


Like the meat also this veggies need marination and we used, fresh mint, olive oil, fresh garlic, salt and black pepper.

Once ready we added more mint and lemon juce.

Of course to be feel full we had to add some fresh fish to the menu.


fresh light and delicious BBQ


Everything of course with fresh white wine.