Saturday Night Roast Dinner

in #food2 years ago

Hey Steemit!

I made myself and my partner a nice roast dinner last evening. I thought I would share it with you.

We barbecued a rolled roast beef on our outdoor gas barbecue.


Here is the cross-section of the roast. It was a rolled roast with garlic, butter and shallots chopped up and rolled up in it.


I roasted some potato and pumpkin coated in herbs.


And using the drippings from the roast I made a gravy sauce.


Here is the roast beef, roast vegetables and gravy plated up.


For dessert we polished the meal off with a ginger crust lemon cheesecake.


Sliced and plated up with cream. I should have whipped the cream but by the end of the night I was a little too tired.


Thanks for reading friends.

~La Dolce Firma ~


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