Golden Red Lentil Dal, with Spicy Red Curry Cauliflower “Wings” (and Green Chutney)

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Hey everyone, I wanted to post some pics and the recipe link for a very nice meal you can have :)

My girlfriend made the main dal dish and green chutney dip, but I did the spiced cauliflower part and other baking of veggies :)

Feast your eyes on this...

Main Dish

dal plate.jpg

That was the finished plate I ate. Yums.... :D

My girlfriend likes to make her own recipes based on other things much of the time, but I think this time she stuck to it more or less... hehe.

We also basked some sweet potato slices and green peppers along with the spiced cauliflower recipe. One word of caution, don't use wax paper if you are out of parchment paper in a recipe that calls for cooking cauliflower soaked in a batter to bake... LOL. The cauliflower was baked on and stuck to the wax paper. Live and learn :) We still managed to separate the cauliflower from the wax paper and keep going with the second part of the recipe.

I had never tried a spiced cauliflower recipe before... I liked it A LOT :D Very good!

For a finishing touch there were also sunflower seeds added on top, and a quarter avocado on the side.


In addition to the main plate, there was the Green Chutney for dipping the Spiced Cauliflower into, as well as a little bit of left over red curry glaze (that stuff is good tasting too). And some veggies and crackers to dip into the hummus or the chutney as well :)

chutney and veggie dip.jpg

The Whole Meal

Here is a the whole meal. It was a great meal :)

dal and spiced cauliflower.jpg

We ate on the couch to watch something on my laptop at the same time :)

If you would like to try this out, here are the original recipes:

Golden Red Lentil Dal with Cilantro-Speckled Basmati

Spicy Red Curry Cauliflower “Wings”

Green Chutney

Thank you for your time and attention. Take care. Peace!

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Mmm! Yummy! It's good to see you're doing good and that you're having a great time!


Thanks :) Yes, it was yummy :)


Boyyyyy just feel like killing this now in my belly

My type of food , this kinda food is made in my house everyday


Great! Glad to see other people cooking "fancy" meals hehe :P

Looks very delicious. Thanks for sharing :)

Really sorry you didn't invite to that dinner. :( hehe
Welcome back and I'll check if you are around Discord for contact.


You live too far away for me to invite you :P hehe Thanks for the welcome back, I'll try to get on discord again... it's been months... even longer than my last posts hehe...


Me too, no discord and steem, coincidence :) I got some little time too

OMG that looks to die for...!! Thanks for these recipe ideas, very colourful too. Sorry bout the wax paper, but it sounds like that was fun, team work getting the cauliflower removed hehe...


Yes it was very good indeed :) The red cauliflower didn't turnout as red as the original recipe image, but I think that's because I didn't put enough on, as there was still some leftover sauce at the end hehe... Team work got the job done indeed :)

I love green chatney! want to take it in dinner


Chutney it up! :P


whats about today dinner?:)

Looks really tasty! Stoked to have you back! :)


Yes indeed sir it is, try it out sometime, good food :) Thanks for the welcome :)


My pleasure and yeah, I might just try this one out!

Oh, I could eat chutney all day on my food. Did you enjoy that recipe??


Hell yeah I enjoyed it :) Plants are great to eat!

It has nothing better than a homemade food made with much love and affection!


Yes indeed, home made meals, with the hard work and sweat of love, are the best :)

Welcome Back!!! :)

Looks very delicious! I like the Spicy Red Curry Cauliflower that you made. I think I will try that recipe out. The entire supper looks delicious and I'm starving right now so you're not helping. lol


Thank for the welcome :) yes, it was great. The red cauliflower spicyness was the best :) I recommend trying that out itself even if not the whole meal I had :)


I think I will try this out this weekend (The Cauliflower). Lyndsay and I will dig it but the boys probably won't.

Delicious food may be. Nice arrangement. I like the foods.Thanks.


Thanks. Try it out sometimes :)

dammmmm looks delicious!!!!😱👅


Damnnnnn yes it was :)

I also had lentil with bulgur today. I like some easy meals without meat after the cheat days on Sunday. Good to come down a bit. Enjoy the week.


Cool. We don't need meat dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses, or any animal products to live and thrive in health :)


True, we don't need a lot of stuff. But we are used to.

I'm hungry


Make some! :P hehehehe


Good luck bro

its looking delicious good job here


Thank you :)

If I am chance will love to have a taste


Go ahead and make some :) It will be worth it :)

What did you watch?


An episode of Outlander. She really likes that series. I introduced her to it as I had watched some in previous years.


Never heard of Outlander before. Gonna add it to my watchlist :)

wow its looking delicious

this is awesome and appetizing, looks delicious too and easy to make. i want some

se ve sabrosísimo!!!

will not you eat?;´)

I love your healthy dish and dinner. And it was vegan I supose? I enjoy so much to see what you will create next for us, I am always looking for some inspo for my own recipe creations!;) Have a nice day dear! Love, Niina

It looks very delicious :))

It sounds like a really tasty and interesting meal! I think we're going to do the exact same procedure with the spiced cauliflower, the couch and something to watch ;)

Yes please! Can I have some? 😂 Curry is one of my all time favourite foods, its also really easy to make and always comes out delicious so I will be giving your recipe a try! Thanks for sharing

I'm a fan of sweet potatoes and cauliflower though I haven't tried the sweet potatoes as anything other than fried with brown sugar and the cauliflower as part of assorted veggies or chop suey. Made me curious about your recipe. Though my acid reflux would hate the spicy stuff lol. I've got to admit, I never pegged you as someone who likes spices.