How to make the Nigerian puff puff

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Puff puff is a common snack widely eaten in every part of Nigeria.

It is a tasty wet bread dough that is deep fried


· 2 cups of multipurpose Flour
· 2 teaspoon of yeast
· Half a cup of sugar
· Salt

The preparation

We start by proofing the yeast.

In a bowl add 1 cup of lukewarm water

Add 1tsp of sugar

Add 2tsp of yeast and stir together, then cover with a plastic wrap and let it to cool for 5-10mins.

In another mixing bowl add 2cups of flour, to that add a quarter of a cup of sugar add 1tsp of nutmeg and half of a teaspoon of salt.

Then make a well at the center of the flour, mixed the proof yeast and pour it inside the well, add 1cup of lukewarm water, then mixed thoroughly using a mixer or your hand to break up the lumps then cover it up and leave it for 1hour to rise, after one hour the dough is risen but before frying give it a quick stir to get air out of the dough, then fry.

Once the golden brown color is achieved your tasty puff puff is ready.

See pictures below

Hope you will give this a try someday.

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