Prosciutto with grissini

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Hello people! I had a party at home last night and would like to introduce you to what I have prepared for my guests 20190128_173350.jpg
I wrapped prosciutto on grissini, cut cherry tomatoes and mozzarella with balsamic. I decorated with Rucola. It's fast, easy and tasty and looks great, which is ideal for guests. And with a bottle of champagne, the party is already perfect!

These pictures I made with my smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Thank you

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Both pics are good, but i like the second one because it has champagne bottle.

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oh yes and I like the champagne more🙂🥂🍾

That looks amazing! I really need to try prosciutto!

yes with grissini is perfect combination🙂


very nice presentation and good idea for a party night.

Thanks 🙂

Beautiful photos nice post

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Thanks 🙂

Nice post with beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

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Ok 🍖😂

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