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in food •  2 years ago

Just kidding!

Hi friends!

Today I would like to share with you guys another simple smoothie recipe. Of course, it was my first time making it, and I am happy with the way it turned out, if you're into fruits, spices and milk products, please, keep reading!

Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

1 medium apple (I'm using a Gala);
1-2 teaspoons rolled oats;
1 teaspoon maple syrup;
a sprinkle of nutmeg + cinnamon;
100-150 ml (about 1/2 cups) plain yogurt.


Place everything in your blender, process and enjoy!

Here is what mine looks like today :)

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This dish really looks delicious and worthy of family enjoyment. I love the recipe and I will try to put it into practice. I do not think I'm just like you, but I'll try. Thanks for sharing. Big hug!


Thanks! I'm happy to see someone found it worth trying :)

Excellent post! I like your work


Thank you for the support!

I seriously had to scroll down and step away for a sec to forget I had read the title that you title'd this. Without even trying it, it left a bad taste in my mouth. The apple yogurt one seems much better, looks tasty.


I know haha, it would be a pretty nasty combo, sorry!

YOU ARE PURE EVIL. And also brilliant.


Loving this compliment, thank you very kindly :)

Sounds delish! I like Galas for cooking pies. Have you ever tried those Honeycrisp apples??? They are a bit more but worth every penny!!!


It was actually pretty good, I haven't made smoothies with yogurt before haha. Also I have never heard of honeycrisp apples either, where do you buy those? The name itself makes my mouth water hahaha


Well I'm in Michigan so I get them at the local Country Market, but I also see them at Walmart. They are a bit more expensive. Last week they were about $2.99/lb., but wow, best apple ever. Now I will have to do a post on them over the weekend LOL


For sure, do it! I will keep my eye out for them, thanks!!!