Eel unagi Japanese food

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Hello! And today I want to tell you about such a product which is very popular and very often used on sushi bars!

It's called eel unagi, this smoked fish is used to make sushi, rolls, miso soup salads that's how it looks!

As far as I know, the eel appeared on the earth more than 100 million years ago, first it was seen in Indonesia and then began to inhabit Lake Hamanaka. And the local fishermen started catching and capturing it and later they started using it as a de-cateat and cooking with it different dishes!

For example, I made it with him first and such a roll!

To the note I'll tell you that the Japanese are especially sensitive to the use of eels in their food, they even have special days on which they eat hijackings! It is also important to know that in addition to the eel they eat more liver and cook with its soups! More dishes from the eel are very expensive in Japan since the eel is a delicatess! But it is very tasty)


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