I travel the world Part 55: Sa Roqueta (Mallorca)

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I love fish, I could eat fish for breakfast, lunch and Dinner. When I have the chance to go to Mallorca I always make sure to visit  Sa Roqueta. If you are looking for a great restaurant in Mallorca you have to try this!

 Sa Roqueta Website


They offer fresh fish and awesome Paella and their staff is amazing!

The restaurant is located in Carrer Sirena, 11, 07006 Palma, Illes Balears and is open for lunch and dinner. It was a bit hard to find the place the first time but Apple and Google maps have catched up and will bring you without hickups to the restaurants. 

Sa Roqueta Restaurant Outside Area


If you are there the Boss will smile like this and escort you to your table.


Everything is tasty, but my absolute favorite are these babies!!!


If you have the chance to visit this restaurant try their mussels (they have these very tasty and long mussels etc.), try their redsnapper or an other fish of the day and of course my favorite the gambas. I can't get enough of these gambas, I usually eat 15 gambas. It's a lot but I love gambas !!

Let me know if you like gambas or prefer mussels?

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The paella looks good... I have had one when I was a teenager and can't wait to have another, at least very good, one. It was to die for. Thanks for sharing and namaste :)

hey eric, I like the restaurant, because the staff is so amazing

Is it in Portixol ?

yes! you live nearby?

Yes, I went there to eat Paella. It is delicious, but quite expensive. Great place for seafood.

It is good post but wow I don't know about that your favourite.

yes the gambas are superb!