Strawberry cheesecake - recipe

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Strawberries are really starting to mature fast in my garden so it is time for yet another strawberry dessert. In the summer, my favourite thing to eat is cheesecake. It is so relaxing to take it out of the fridge and eat it with a cup of coffee on my balcony. It was very hot the past couple of days so I decided to make it and since I have so many strawberries now, I used them as well. I didn’t want to add too much sugar to the curd to it was not very sweet but the strawberry glaze was compensating for the lack of sweetness. I hope you will like it. 




  • - 3 eggs 
  • - pinch of salt 
  • - 1/3+1/3+1/3 cup of sugar 
  • - 2 tbs of cocoa powder 
  • - ½ cup and 1 tbs of flour 
  • - 1kg of curd 
  • - 500 mL of whipping cream 
  • - gelatine – according to instructions on the box 
  • - strawberries 


1. Separate the whites and yolks and beat the yolks until a nice foam. Then add sugar very slowly and whip mixture some more until smooth and shiny. Then add yolks one by one and whip everything until well combined. 

2. Sieve flour together with the cocoa powder and fold gently with a spatula until well combined. Then bake everything at 165oC for 25-30 minutes. 


3. When cake is finished baking take it out of the oven and drop it on the floor (this is essential for equal separation of moisture within the cake). Then set it aside until it cools down and if possible for couple hours. Optionally you can remove the top layer.

 4. When the cake is cooled down. Whip the cream, then add curd and sugar and mix everything together until nice smooth mixture. Soak the gelatin in a spoon or two of milk or water and heat it up until it melts. Then add the gelatin to the cake while constantly mixing with a mixer to make sure that it is spread evenly within the curd.  

5. Put the ring back on the cake spread some curd on the bottom and arrange strawberries on top of the cake. Then place remaining curd on top of the strawberries and place it in the fridge.  

6. Prepare the strawberry glaze by blending the strawberries and sugar together, optionally you can add gelatin to it to make it thicker. Glaze the cake and if you added gelatin to strawberries then let it set or if not then it is ready to be eaten. 



lovely !! :)

It looks divine! You are an artistic baker! Being a cacao farmer and tree-to-bar chocolate maker, I will be sure and try this delicious recipe. Thank you! In Joy!

Wonderful, let me know when you do!! I've never met anyone who grows cacao :) this is so cool!!

Well this looks absolutely delicious! i will have to try this recipe, i'm a sucker for cheese cake :)

Thank you!! Cheese cake is the best on the hot day :) If you try the recipe let me know.

ooooh yes that sounds perfect, i will let you know if i try it!

Wonderful!! I will wait for it. Steem on!!

very nice, like a pro :)

Thank you @martin.the.chef.

Permission to use your recipe and make my first ever solo cake @knittybynature . Yum Yum, it look so good and inexpensive. Thanks for sharing.

Sure!! It would be awesome if you make it :) When you do then let me know :)

Great, planning on Christmans after many practice section...thanks a lot

Sounds good!! you are welcome :)

Thanks a lot, more success. Following you in order to read more from you. Lets stay in touch.

A lot of success to you as well!! Thank you for following and yes lets stay in touch :)

Great..I agree

mmm it makes me hungry


mmm looks delicious

Thank you!! I wish I had more. It is all gone by now.

looks very yummy! I love straberries very much!

Thank you @helene!! I love strawberries as well. And I since there is a season for them here in Poland I eat as many of them as possible :)

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