Bounty: Need a food scale for my kitchen

in food •  6 months ago

So I have started counting calories and I am in need of a scale.

what is the best food scale for kitchen use?


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Greater Goods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Portions Nutritional Facts Display

If you want a food scale for counting calories that goes above and beyond calories alone, this digital kitchen scale is one that you won’t want to pass up. A valuable asset to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this kitchen scale not only allows you to weigh food for portion control, but it also allows you to track the nutrition facts of some of your favorite foods, too, allowing you to get a better look at the role these foods play in your overall diet.

The scale has four weighing sensors that make it super accurate – within in .1 ounce/1 gram. The scale offers nutritional facts for up to 2000 different foods in the scale’s built in database, including custom entries that you can add to the scale based on what you typically measure out. You can also select more than one food and add it to your overall meal plan, so that you can see the nutrition facts of all the foods together.


This is probably what I will get. I like the idea that I can check diffent foods.

I hate that there is no scale out there that is proper;y connected to my phone...


I’m glad I could help my friend
It’s so painfull when one doesn’t find a suitable appliance. This is definitely the best for you .

I have a kitchen scale that I bought from CoolBlue

I don't know if they would ship to the US, though.

It is called Beurer KS25 RVS, and is a nice food scale from the brand Beurer. The price is also reasonable; the accuracy is good and it also is a bit different from the normal scales in that it has a bowl, which looks good.

Here is the link in case you want to have a look.

I do like the design of the kitchenaid scale - might not be the best in functionality though.

I would just go to Walmart and pick one up. You can return it if you don't like it but they should all work fine.


thats not the point. the question is what is the best once! Like absolute best.

I don‘t know if its of any help but I bought me the bestseller „kitchenscale“ from amazon and I‘m quite scatisfied (about 20 bucks)

I don't like cooking but I love eating food wink.
My answer is;

Ozeri Touch II


The Ozeri Touch II is accurate, including easy to use and many features. click here to read more of it

Hello, well the idea is that you take into account the use that you are going to give it and where you will do it. they are mostly small, but there are some that you can take with you anywhere and others that are having them for example in the kitchen. You must take into account the features that admit to know the accuracy of it and thus carry the most useful. regards

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Hey Philipp, here's the one I use at home (part of my testosterone boosting experiment using natural supplements - blood test results in 2 weeks after a 3 month trial!)
I'm using the scale to weigh 9 grams of powdered ginger here:
The lowest weight measurement is in whole numbered grams, if that's the lightest you're looking for, I'm happy with my purchase 👍

In my country I would tell you, in a joking way, Stop eating a lot.

That is the best scale of food in the kitchen not eat much .. greetings from Venezuela.

thanks for your support in my project with the friend @ jmhb85


very funny. yet not helpful.....

I think your stomach and mouth is the best scale for calorie counting, leave food every day before you satisfy. and bounty will find your post too.

Sincerely i am not sure and i wouldnt want to give bad kitchen advice.
But you can go to any mall or mart close to confirm which will suit what you need it for...

Have a look at this one?

Check this food scale out. Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale, with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection. Its solid and durable. It would provide you with what you need for at least a few years

The Germany Company Soenle makes some good scales, my mother have one of them ( I saw them, because I am in Germany right now for some days ) It displays all the needs. I checked the model it is the 66130. But I think there are much more scales outside in the market.

Ich glaube nicht, dass man das Thema Ernährung auf einer eindimensionalen Skala abbilden kann. Ich gehe mehr nach Qualitäten wie Mineralstoffe, Vitamine, Proteine, Rückstände. Und Bewegung und Sport gehören auch in die Überlegungen, wenn es um Gesundheit geht.

Viel Erfolg.


Ja trotzdem kann man sachen wiegen, oder ? :0)

Search it in google, you will find the answer of your question


Capacity upto 5 kg
Price range 1-4 usd.

is the best option when it comes to complying with a nutrition plan, I use one that looks like a key holder that I use for powdered food, to weigh more consistent things, a digital one.

Not sure which model is best, but you need to keep in mind some of them have a weight limit, so you should check that before buying one. I also track my calories, but haven't bought one yet.

If you want, there's a pretty cool app that I use to register foods and the amount of calories they have, It's called Macros (by josmantek), has been VERY useful so far.

Küchenwaage ECO 2 g -15kg Teilungtwa152_1.jpg

Ich würde eine Waage aus der Gastronomie nehmen, funktional und langlebig

This one looks good based on reviews:

I haven't used any of these because I don't subscribe to the same mass mentality of controlling calories.

Everyone's body doesn't extract same energy from same food source and its not a measure of anything.

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Eat only fruits avoid meat

Ebay is the place to go for one of those. You can get one for as cheap as $ 5.99. There are tons of others that are similar models to the ones already posted here for around $15.

Below is the link ..


Here's mine, it wasn't expensive and it works fine15281394864792417608084961172716.jpg. I can even put a bowl on it, press Tare put @crypticat in the bowl and weigh her. She weighs 4198 grams!

Simplicity is best, I don't want anything with too many parts or that are difficult to clean. I also don't want to to overspend on something that will break when this technology is decades old. Less buttons and flat surface means more hygenic.

Scale? You don't need a scale. Well, i don't use one but i eat healthy. I make research on fruits and vegetable that will give me the nutrients i want at a particular time. If i feel i have a lot of calories in me, i have a fruit or vegetable for that. If i feel i just eat junk food and i need to clean my digestive system also their is a fruit or vegetable for that too. All i just do is make research and know what to eat to solve my problem.

I have a pair of old-fashioned kitchen scales that I use whenever I'm using European recipes (often in weight, not volume measurements.) I like that they will never run out of batteries and as long as the kids don't destroy them (I know my brothers and I got in trouble for that one a lot) they will keep on plugging away. (My brother still uses one for weighing his packages before shipping his ebay sales.)

I had a Salter digital scale in Britain which worked well enough. But I prefer the non-digital kinds.

BTW, calories are not all equal... I would suggest simply avoiding too many grain-based carbs and adding some good quality bone broth to your diet (if you do animal products.) Don't be afraid of fat either. Since meeting me, my husband (over the past 8 months or so) has reduced his blood cholesterol significantly as well as his a1c level (diabetes marker) considerably on an "unhealthy" higher-fat, higher-meat diet!

i use teascoops

Nice and interesting post thanks for sharing the information


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