Tennis Club FREEBIE & Lunch

in food •  2 months ago

The Local Tennis Club are having an open day today & tomorrow and asked me to sponsor a Castle - here is one of the locals i saw while setting up castle
Image result for hot tennis female
This morning i went and set it up and will go back @4pm today to pack away, store there for the night and do the same tomorrow
That pissy amount of work made me hungry for some yummy lunch my darling made
It was super nice......the Eggs..mmmmmmmmmmm
And a Juice box for Steemit boy
Guess who woke from his sleep and had some bacon?.....thats right catface was harassing me for bacon

This is me @kiwiscanfly

All pictures are mine and the food is all NZFSA approved - GFY

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Wow this seems like a delicious meal and could be used to keep an interesting day ahead!


reality tennis


haha...nah mate didnt see him there

Never turn your back on a cat with food about.



thats about it to

Seems like you had some great foods by the way ;)

While hope the day goes well for you buddy ;)


thanks man...that was a yummy lunch..making me hungry thinking about it

I've been to Fielding, and none of the locals look like that! ;-)


Tennis my favourite game Always i lije tennis

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its a great game..i am hopeless at it


Try best, i think you will success

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I lije to successed

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I like the first image? LOL
Nice breakfast! I love that!!! You make me hungry!!!!! LOL

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Looks like a good community tennis club. Where is this?
Great meal btw, they know how to treat their guests.