STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #37 : Fruit salad with curdsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #food7 years ago

For this week challenge I'd like to make a fruit salad which will be good for children)


Sweet curd with vanilla 200 grams
Apple 1 pc
Orange 1pc
Pear 1 pc
Peach 1 piece
cherry jam 50 grams
Redcurrant 20 grams
Grated chocolate 20 grams
Bananas 3 pieces

Wipe the curd through a sieve

Also wipe 2 bananas

Mix cottage cheese with bananas and add 2 tablespoons of currant juice

Clear the fruit peel

Cut the fruit into cubes and mix

Add cherry jam and mix

Put it into glasses

Put the curd with bananas on top and sprinkle with grated chocolate

Bon Appetite!


Yummy, can i taste? :P

These look great @kenjiby... a nice healthy fruit dessert that looks very tempting with the curd and grated chocolate on top. It can be difficult sometimes to get children to eat fruit instead of candy, so a dessert like this is ideal because it's still a treat yet it's healthy. Good luck!

@kenjiby wonderful post.Success.

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