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in food •  2 years ago  (edited)

For this week challenge I'd like to make my favorite ice cream
Cream 500 ml
condensed milk 1 jar
Coconut shavings (blue)

Whisk the cream, add the condensed milk and mix

Divide into portions. For color we add blackcurrant juice (violet), cocoa (chocolate), coconut shavings (blue)

We start to freeze ice cream in the freezer

Every 30 minutes we take out and mix. We do this 3-4 times.

Then I usually leave it for the night. Our ice cream is ready.

Bon Appetite!

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Your ice cream looks super @kenjiby, it looks lovely and creamy just like ice cream from a shop! I'm impressed! I love that you made three different kinds and decorated them differently too, the presentation is very attractive. I'm sure @greek-trail will be delighted you made some blue ice cream, that's good thinking using the blue coconut for flavour as well as colour. An excellent entry, good luck!


Well done your ice cream looks really smooth & creamy !
I liked that you used blue coconut shavings to get the blue color !
Lovely presentation @kenjiby ! Good luck to the competition !

Godlike creation !!! Especially the one in the middle , i really like that your ice cream is not crystalized ! And the blue & white version looks really nice ! I am delighted ! well said @woman-onthe-wing !! Good luck :)

thank you)


@kenjiby Looks good.I would like to try.Where can you try?

Congratulations @kenjiby on winning the 'Most Blue & White Entry' prize sponsored by @greek-trail! That's some good looking blue ice cream!