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Yesterday, 6th January 2018, I discovered that I DO IN FACT like calamari after thinking I hated it for many, many years. I distinctly remember the first and only time I tried it; at a work party where I talked about LOVING onion rings and my boss said "here I got you some" ...I took a bite and spat it right out! ...definitely not a damn onion ring lol

Anyway, yesterday, I ventured out to Kerb food market in Camden as she wanted to get some calamari from ink. I stood by as she ordered telling her the above story but when she got hers she still offered me some. I figured I'd give it a go, and damn, I think they were right! It might just be THE BEST IN THE WORLD (but I don't have much to compare it too other than the soggy pub ones I spat out!)

Am I the last person in the world to figure out I like calamari?!

(p.s this is my first ever post here on steemit! yikes! ...so excited to get involved)

Elle :)

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I had the same experience with prawns and er, snails recently (don't mention it to the Vegan police). And brilliant first post.

Yaaaaas!! Prawns are quite a new addition to my eating repertoire too! ...not sure snails will get added to my list anytime soon though lol (and thanks @howmanymiles) ;)

So nice 😄 check my channel and see my food posts 🙏💘

thanks @aleevillafranca I'll take a look for sure!

EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. Always thought I hated it and now I love it! Same with peanut butter, AS IF I couldn't even handle the smell of it...now it's straight out the jar with spoon :D

hahahaha! thats hilarious! you're on a dangerous curve with the nut butters now! lol ;)