🥘 Top 5 Portland Vegan Restaurant Recommendations! 🥘

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While in Portland, @teamsteem and I went on a vegan restaurant tour. There were so many restaurants that were 100% plant based. I thought it would be fun provide you my 5 favorite vegan places to eat.


#1. Petunias
This cafe has delicious food and pastries. I would highly recommend their mint brownie! It is super rich and delicious.


#2. Virtuous Pie
If you are looking for vegan pizza, this restaurant is the place for you. I would highly recommend trying out their BBQ "chicken" pizza.


#3. Kure
I think smoothies make a great meal! There are lots of fruits and vegetables that can be blended together to create fun smoothies. I really enjoyed the smoothies at Krue. All of them are amazing, so you can't go wrong with any of them.

#4. Blossoming Lotus
If you are looking for a cute restaurant spot, this is the place for you. I loved the decor and atmosphere. Aside from looking great, their food is really delicious and heathy! The image below is vegan bibimbap, which is a Korean dish!

#5. Kayo's Ramen Bar
While Kayo's Ramen Bar is not 100% plant based, their restaurant made it on my top 5 places to check out, because this was my favorite meal that I had in Portland. I LOVE ramen, and their vegan ramen was on point. The restaurant is originally from Japan, and this is the only restaurant they have opened in America.

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Greetings, Miss Karen

How nice that recommendation made. Every time I see food, I wonder what they taste like for pictures. I liked practically all placed in your post.

Today, I was walking my dog and I went to a place that sells natural products. I bought a meat loaf with cheese and dried tomatoes. Made with natural products and natural spice. With food without pesticides. Very healthy. I bought it to see the taste and I thought it was delicious. They're only there on Friday to sell. Next time I'll buy more hehehe.

Thank you for posting and good night!!!

I will go there.. I will eat anything in that restaurant


Hehe you should!

Muy bueno se ve todo, quiero preguntarte @karensuestudios los postres también son Veganos ? Estoy buscando agregar a mi dieta los dulces, ya que por la mantequilla y la grasa no debo consumirlos pero me encantan. Dónde puedo conseguir recetas de postres para dieta baja en grasa ?

All of these look so delicious and I would definitely try them all out and if i lived in a place where I can eat all these delicious vegan foods, I'll definitely go vegan.
Thank you for sharing.


Aww no problem! Portland makes it so easy to go vegan!

Look at YOU, finding all the good places :). Oo, well thankfully not ALL of them. If you ever go back, I wanna still show you around some more! hehe

The food looked delicious!! Love the pizzas, and all the healthy stuffs on top, lol.

It's something I definitely need to try; the 100% plant based restaurant.

thanks for sharing @karensuestudios

I will take Kure and blossoming Lotus 😀😁😀