We’re 5 days in our vegan keto 🌱 💪 lifestyle!

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We’re 5 days in our vegan keto 🌱 💪 lifestyle. It’s been challenging at times but quite doable. Everyday I learn something new about this radical approach to eating. The science behind it fascinating and I’m curious to see how my body responds over time. So far, I’ve felt a shift in bloatedness, a reduction of inflammation, a boost in focus, and I’ve have no migraines thus far. On the flip side I have had bouts of moodiness and a difficulty falling asleep during this transition.

One of my favorite parts of this “challenge” is that I’m able to do it with Marcel. It’s been so much fun experimenting, gaining more knowledge, and discovering new foods and places to eat. This process has enabled a deeper connection between us and has taught me that Marcel can actually survive without bread 😂🥖!

By the way... this is our tasty lunch today at GoodSouls Kitchen in Chiangmai! I’m obsessed with these mushroom steaks! They’re so savory and filling! 🙃

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THIS FOOD LOOKS MOUTHWATERING 😋 waaw enjoy and have a nice day GREETINGS!

Thanks!!! :) You too!

I would like to eat this

hehe it was very good!

# I love vegan food nice story

and I had the same meal :)

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