One plate of tofu, please! 🌱☺️

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Not too long ago I had some sort of conflict with tofu. After years of consuming it, I convinced myself that it was unhealthy and proceeded to avoid. Due to my over information overload from many sources about the subject about soy, I decided half heartily to call it quits. However, since "going keto" my dormant affection for this soy protein has been abruptly awakened.

Perhaps the circumstances have changed and while progressing into a keto diet I now look to my old companion to fill my low carb protein need. What a trusty friend this mighty soybean is. Of course, I choose organic non-gmo whenever possible.

As I approach my 1st full week of maintaining a novice's attempt to a vegan keto diet, I can't help but be grateful for how much I learned and seen within myself. As a self-adorned "carb queen", I was anticipating an internal counter strike from my reactive moodiness called "hanger." Well, as a complete surprise it appears that my hangeriness has pulled out a white flag and has given up. It turns out, my battle tactics of fueling myself with fat instead of insulin spiking carbohydrates has allowed me to overcome a habitual destructive emotion. Who would have thought?

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