A Vegan Keto Pizza! Whaaa?!

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Guys! You won’t believe it! We found an incredible vegan keto pizza in Chiangmai! It’s unbelievable what you can discover when you open yourself to the possibilities. Sometimes I’m a victim to my limiting beliefs. After a little over a week of this lifestyle, I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to eat any of my favorite foods like pizza and bread. Well, today is a new day!! Not only did I have one of the tastiest pizzas I’ve had in a very long time, but I also had soft, gluten free, low carb, AND delicious buns!

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fantastic vegan pizza

Where is it ?

It's called Sunturi Keto. It's by no means a vegan place. However, I ordered ahead (about a day) if they could accommodate and they totally did! They can even make almond cheese if you ask (probably 2 days notice so it can age.)

Cheers, Thanks!
How much was it ?

The pizza was about 170 Baht.

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