Mango Sherbet

in food •  6 months ago

What's up Steemians! Are you looking at the value price? I know, we do it like everyday hoping that the price will go up. We're in the same boat. I feel what you feel. 😑

I'm actually missing my blog!

Hmm...So, Mango Sherbet. Anyone??? Join me!



  • 400 gr ripe mango
  • 180 gr dairy milk
  • 50 gr sugar
  • 50 gr condensed milk
  • 1 tsp lemon juice


  • Cut mango into cubes
  • Add condensed milk, sugar, milk
    and lemon juice.
  • Grind all together
  • Place into box,
  • Store in freezer
  • Serve.

Viola! Mango sherbet.

Have a nice weekend y'all! 😄

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dinikmati siang-siang dengan cuaca yang seperti sekarang rasanya mantap benar tuh, Kak.


Setuju...😀. Ihan mau?

keren keren fotonya kak :D

kalo mau posting lewat apa bagusnya kak biar banyak upvote ? lewat google atau lewat lainnya bg?
terus waktu yang pas jam berapa bg?
maaf saya pemula kak ,, trima kasih


Mksdnya posting lewat aplikasi apa? Byk pilihan, Steemit uda pasti, busy, esteem, n mereka punya image uploader jg. Smg mmbantu. :)


Yang banyak upvote nya kak? 😂

Menu nya simpel tapi penyajian yang istimewa, keren kak @jumaidafajar

hmm, delicious...


Thank you for dropping by.. 😊😀

It's really so easy to make and looking delicious......I will try this....