Michelin One Star Cup Noodle

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Finally got our hands on this famous cup noodle at a 7-11 in Tokyo. Nakiryu is a Michelin one star restaurant in Tokyo, only the second ramen shop to be awarded with this food gourment guide. Tying up with Nissin, they released a instant version of their most popular ramen.

We have not try the real thing yet, so let's find out if the cup noodle version is as good as what everyone claims.

The Nakiryu Dan Dan noodles packaging is quite nice, with the michelin award promptly displayed.

Like most others, cooking time of 3 minutes, with just hot boiling water. There are 3 packages of flavor packets to be added. Two of them are in liquid form and another in powder form.

The Nakiryu Dan Dan noodle has a rich and creamy broth that is really flavorful - like how a normal ramen should be. The noodle itself has a nice texture that is not too hard, slightly better than the average Nissin cup noodles.


Probably the best instant noodles we'd ever had. The thick ramen broth makes it stands out above all other cup noodles.
And now, we just need to try the real Nakiryu ramen, to see if its worth the one star.

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I haven't had the chance to try any Michelin Star restaurants though I've been wanting to try "Tim Ho Wan", a Michelin Star dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong . I had no idea that instant noodles could be considered! Was it expensive?


Can’t remember the price, should be the same as other cup noodles.
We have Tim Ho Wan in Singapore too, imo, it’s overrated. The quality drops when it is franchised to other countries.


You can't go wrong with dim sum!! That's a shame. I'll still try it one day though since it's probably the only Michelin Star restaurant I'll ever be able to afford.

Michelin Star cup noodle!! 😬😬😬


Amazing right? It’s actually more like a cup noodle based on a Michelin star restaurant.

Woah, even ramen got Michelin one star! :O


More should be given. There are so many amazing ramen shops in Japan.


I love ramen, want to see more different flavors ramen... Slurrrppp lol

Looks yummy! I will try and eat it.


Yup try it. 7-11.

now I know instant noodle also has Stars!


Clever marketing by Nissin.

Wow it reminds me when I went to Japan last year and bought one whole box of different tastes of instant noodles and snacks!

Japan noodle is best. really got power.. @jrvacation - I saw a bus with big name on it. JRVACATION.. it that yours?

Huge fan of instant Ramen and I've always overlooked these. I'll give them a try! Thanks for the heads up.


Hop by a Japan merchandise shop, there are so much different variety of instant noodles.

好想试试 好吃


Carousell 有人卖 (the cup version),10杯 $90 !!!! 😱😱😱


哇 好不便宜

I knew this cup ramen for the first time. When I read @jrvacation 's article, I know a lot about Japan I do not know. Thank you.


Thanks for the compliment! Glad you like it.

maybe can win some ramen restaurant in singapore! ahaha