Grilled Corn

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Grilled Corn:

Grilled corn has many benefits and is great for the human body, treats many diseases, and is used in many medical fields. It helps to naturally produce urine instead of having to take some medicines for urinary problems. It also breaks up kidney and gallbladder stones.

In addition it is useful for people with diabetes, by preventing water retention in the body, and reducing the level of sugar in the blood. As for the heart, corn has enormous benefits in reducing cholesterol in the blood, rich in fatty acids that benefit the body.

Doctors recommend eating grilled corn for people who follow a healthy diet to lose weight, as it prevents fat accumulation in the body, helps in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, arthritis, rheumatoid, gout and cartilage toughness, even helps reduce nausea.

Nutritional value of grilled corn:

Grilled corn is a rich source of many vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, calcium and thiamine. It is also the source of many minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. Provides plenty of fiber that protect against the problems of constipation and hemorrhoids, reduces them, and contains antioxidants that protects against Alzheimer's disease and cancers, and these benefits are for corn in general, not only for grilled corn.

How to prepare grilled corn:

Corn is prepared in many ways, it can be grilled, boiled, and even fried. No matter how you prepare it, the result will always be mouth watering and delicious , and can serve as a nice side dish in any healthy meal. I prefer my corn grilled with the husk on, cleaned and coated with butter then sprinkled with a touch of salt. It helps to keep it moist if you leave it submerged in water for an hour before grilling.

This youtube video shows three different ways of grilling corn:

sources: pixabay: image1 image2 youtube:video

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how many corns can one bitcoin buy ?


more like 12000 ears nubbytubby


At today price, you can get over 12,000 ears!!! Ja, ja


Ohio is known for it's corn produce, it's so damn cheap. You can buy 8 for $1 sometimes.


3 cans of hairspray right?


Epic. XD


Im sure soon with 1 bitcoin you can buy a farm \o/ and then infinite corn:)

Re steem!!

I leave the husk on and wrap it in tinfoil. They taste so much better this way than when I boil or steam them. I never thought of soaking the ears in water beforehand so thank you for this.


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where are your reference?


and certainly the burning that results from grill can't be good.


with all the pollution in the air, breathing is not healthy, should we try to hold our breath until an expert tells us it's safe to breathe?


The burning is actually very good for you. Its just carbon and its the same as taking "activated" carbon (given for detoxification)

Wow.. this is common on the streets in Lagos, Nigeria. I didn't know it was this useful for the body. Now I know better, thanks ..


it is common on streets of many countries I visited. It is also served in carnivals in the US.


Really. Honestly I thought it was only eaten in Africa. I am so surprised!


Hahaha...nice comment @lucashunter
Guess this is the season for roasted corn and pea in lag😋

Wow, great post, i like a corn 🌽, very important for our health, i like the grilled one, and sometimes i boil it in salted water, have a lot of benefits.

I love to grilled corns, but I am lazy. I bake sweet corn in oven. Indeed corns are one of the healthy and tasty grains.

Great looking char on that corn! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading more content.

you do know most all corn is GMO controlled by Monsanto , corn used to be a different color and contain more protein then starch now its the opposite, there may be some benefits but at what cost?




Came here to say the same thing. Buy organic corn!


thanks for the information.I like pop corn very much and also like to cook baby corn.

Thanks for sharing the benefits of corn........ boiled corn is my all time favourite

Boiled corn is also gud

Great post on grilled corn @joseph ... Ver natural indeed and I do eat it regularly...thanks for sharing

I love grill and boil corn...

my daughter loves grilled corn....good post..thank you

I dont buy that corn reduces blood sugar for diabetics, corn is high in sugar and a high glycemic index carbohydrate


Foods high in fibre and low in carbs are good for diabetes, although corn is a rich carb it's ability to prevent water retention and the nutrients packed in it gives it a pass. Diabetics needs a healthy balanced diet.


Yeah im a Type 2 and it is essentially like eating a bowl of ice cream, i can can only eat it moderation, ot spikes my blood sugar. Maby heirloom corn would be better, but corn from an american farm is basically a high glycemic grain wih added sugar...

wow dear joseph !! I extremely love grilled corn :)))))

we've got a lot of yummy corns in Iran (our country) .. i like grilled it and eat even every day .. lol..
by the way do you hear something about grafting the pomegranate and corn??!!
i've just a few weeks a go know that, it was strange to me
i'm sending you the pictrure of that ..
but i don't know where it has been done!



It has been done on Photoshop. :P

O my goodness! Im craving now. Cheers. :)

Useful information for healthy living

Grilled corn and Zucchini salad with Feta.

Such a delish!


Who says you don't look delish. I argue, you do.
People often get confused when they read a random comment from an unknown user and it's longer than carrot(try expected instead). XD


You made me laugh out loud!!!


I intended that to happen.
Keep laughing. :D


@szuri wow...what a combo...nice comment and hope you invite this steeming for your grilled corn and zucchi salad with feta


You should try it! :)


Sure will do @szuri
Hoping to get in automn mood with this cute steemian😉

I'm fkn drooling now! Gimee some of those right awway! :P
Brain hand coordination n mowth buds fkd up. XD

Awesome post J.

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

corns 🌽 are really yummy and healthy.. upvoted!


Very yummy indeed. ..@mian290 nic comment


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OMG, now that I have red your post it opened my appetite for barbecued corn! 😄 Great post, upvoted! 👍

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Thank you!

Wow, looks delicious. Wish I had some now.

I'm​ following you please do the same♥

in addition to burned and boiled, if corn is made of some kind of wine may be different sensation taste


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ah you're kidding. all you do is persuade people

I did not know that the grilled corn has all these benefits Thank you for the important topic

It is a nice article!
Grilled Corn It is one of the most important way to eat in Japan. It is also a standard festival. In that case, soy sauce is used as seasoning.

looks like yummy @joseph

I love to eat this grilled corn. When i was a child we had a farm of hectares of corn. I still remember the smell when the corn is grilled. I plucked the corn from its trunk and started to fire a charcoal then the rest is memory....

Love your blog, it reminds my childhood hobby - grilling a corn :)

i like corns but the boiled ones.

I rarely have corn nowadays. Most like because I live in an apartment at the moment and I haven't had a barbeque for ages. I really need to relive the taste of beautifully grilled corn @joseph
I didn't realise the huge health benefits that also came with eating something as good as corn

One of my favorites food here in Philippines :)

I love it very much!

In Vietnam, grilled corn were sold as street food, dipped in spring onion sauté in oil and a bit of salt, really delicious! Thank you for sharing.

if in my country Indonesia is called roasted corn (jagung bakar) very many people enjoy it, especially with the cold atmosphere.

Did not know about such benefits of corn. Thanks for sharing !

Grilled corn is amazing! Worth one BTC: Can feel my juices flowing in my mouth right now:)

Thank you once posting its very useful for me after reading it

I guess I am taken back as since I was a small child, we did grilled corn with the husks and silk on still. (This protects the kernels.) Also, into the age of attacks on the Mother Maize of Mexico by Man-Satan (Monsanto), I tend to be extremely selective of any corn and corn products these days. Be well.

Love the post. Being a chef i find myself in this debate about corn all the time. There is a reason you don't see corn on high end menus, not even to garnish being so bright in color. In the US its a gmo so chefs i know tend to stay away. But raw corn is the best to me, just wash and eat. Also try mexican grilled corn its yummy.

Really really nice content,

Wonderful, you have started this with a good friend.
I'm excited about seeing the roasted corn in this photo

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I love eating corn,but I didn't know it has so many health benefits.Nice post,Well done.

i love corn and it has that much health benefits i didn't knew about that :D

Very interesting !

Looks Nice

a very good post. i like to post you friend

What about pop corn ?

I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.

oh my glob. gotta love corn <3

Very nice picture @joseph

Hello, Joseph. Thank you for you enlightening post on Grilled corn. I've certainly learned a lot but if i may ask i there any difference between ordinary corn and grilled corn?
Would be supper happy if you followed me @manofmiracles will follow back

I am not buying it. All i have seem is that corn is not good for the human body and with all corn now a GMO product . I just can't see it.

how come we don't digest corn?

I had no Idea that grilled corn, and corn in general has so many benefits!!! I will it more of it for sure! :D
Thank you @joseph!!!! Upvoted for sure your post!!!!

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useful post keep it up!!

in Aceh Besar sell a lot of roast corn ..
with a very nyammy taste ..

wow! thanks for the information :)

Damn, reading about ICO's and cryptocurrency in general got me to read that is Grilled Coin for a sec. I could go for some grilled corn now though.

Great post @joseph. My family and I love corn and when we can, we like to grill it also, but I didn't know how many amazing benefits it has. Thank you for sharing this with us.

best article ever

I like buttering up my corn, seasoning with salt, pepper and paprika and wrapping it up in some foil and throwing it on the grill for 10ish minutes.

Yummyyy I loveeee corn :) your post made me feel like eating them now... followed you..

Mmmmmmm one of my favorite food! Reminds me on me childhood when Alfonso del Guzman was visiting my family. He also loved to eat grilled corn. Nice memories!

interesting, i've never heard about this, but i love corn, especially since i practically live on organic corn chips. i was lucky enough to go to Peru years ago and the corn around Cuzco and the sacred valley is AMAZING, wonderful varieties. grilled corn is a treat / ty / thanks for posting

We're picking and cooking the most delicious sweetcorn from our garden at the moment, but I had no idea it was so good for us too!!!

corn is amazing. i like the taste of it.

good post

Nice post. Upvoted and Resteemit. I did not know that breaks up kidney and gallbladder stones. I have to spread the word on that. Thank you!

I prefer my corn ground up in tortilla form. Or chips. That would probably be my favorite (and only) way to eat corn.

That is what I am having for dinner. Grilled corn. Thanks for a great post. 🐓🐓

Thanks for posting this article . I always eat grilled corn , twice every week and it's really deliocious.

I really like eating corn. in my area there are quite a few who grow corn.

If you prepare this corn in heated mixture of sand and salt, the taste will be outstanding.

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i leave it in the husk and grill it that's best when you can caramelize without getting it burnt.

I love grilled corn, here in Africa we do it better. In fact we take with coconut and pear. They go well together

Burning corn very it very much

Very nice, I highly recommend using cilantro instead of chives, and to smother the cob in mayo to get the cheese to stick. It's the Mexican way

Hope it's not GMO corn. That's toxic!

Brilliant post.I love corn and I like to boil mine until the corn is soft and easy to eat. Sometimes I apply butter on it , other times just salt. Didn't know all those amazing health benefits :)

Grilled corn is one of my father's favorites. Corn is the best if fresh picked from the plant and of course it's even better if you steal it from the neighbor's field 😄

Shhh!!! Quiet! The corn has ears... they'll hear you...............