Bong Appetit With Abdullah Saeed

in food •  last year

Take a journey through this grand kitchen and it's beautifully stocked pantry.

Many out there consider Marijuana to be a "bad thing" due to the high effect some seek. But it also has it's benefits, experimental research and documented data has proven Marijuana has helped those who suffer from seizures, cancer, depression etc and has brought more positive light to the beautiful plant.

But when you're invited into Abdullah Saeed's house you're invited to stimulate your tongue with beautiful ingredients fused with a variety of different arrangements of high grade marijuana.

Whether it's a Filet Mignon, Sushi, or Ice Cream it is all prepared and perfectly measured to leave your stomach happy and satisfied all while having an orgasmic combination to please your pallet.

I myself am a huge fan of the show, but it always leaves me feeling hungry but envious at the same time. But a happy kind of envy, like "I wish I was there" envy. All smiles.

Abdullah Saeed has had many celebrities, to even up and coming chefs, who have started their business in their own back yard. It's kind of like the Snoop and Martha Pot Luck Dinner minus the marijuana.

If you're not familiar with the show Bong Appetit you might want to check it out, Abdullah won't disappoint I promise. Down below is an youtube video of one of his episodes.

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Wow, thanks for turning me on to this, I'd never even heard of this. Although, I'm like you, I get hungry watching cooking shows.

Although a trick I use is, I like to eat my dinner whilst watching them, as it feels like you're eating the food they're cooking.



@cryptogee , Check out the show and it'll have you putting things together with the resources you have in your kitchen lol


Haha, I'm sure it will! :-)


Thats a Good post

thanks for sharing keep it up

I miss that show with the fat guy from Canada. Anybody know his name?

Good post !!! Good

Looks like soooooo delicious😮😀. I wanna try it haha

the food is so nice

great job

Woww yummy yummy 😋😋

Looking Delisious Food Omma I Like it and life yours meet @joseph

Unfortunately in Italy marijuana is still illegal and therefore is hard to find good quality.
This food looks really nice, I remember that once i coocked this with my friends
But mixing the egg with some hashish.
At first we thought that we only wasted the hash, but after like 2 hours we were really high and the effect lasted for like 8 hours.

An amazing post. Thank you for sharing your experience with us :)


@hanen Thank you for stopping by to read the post :)

Good post

Wow .. That's very fun. I've also been cooking using spices from marijuana plants. Very nice and soothing. Very interesting post @joseph


@rizasukma I think that's awesome. Upload some pics for us :)


Yes very amazing my friend. :-)

Foods are really awesome

If you know that you have not been having appetite, just come and look at these pictures; your appetite will improve greatly.

Excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

nice food feeling Hungry......

I love the song

I'd love to eat something spiced up with marijuana!
In Cambodia they sell happy pizza, have you ever heard of it? It is baked with marijuana, tasted yummy

Brother where art thou ?

Crazy! Never heard of this, I'm gona check it out and follow you too!
Thanks for posting :)

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Im ready to eat this delicious food