Joluqueño's Spring

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This recipe is completely original, being considered as a dish which in the combination creates this name; A dish that tasted their palates, with a combination of notorious flavors but a little different, we start ...





  • Once the lentils are soaked with 3 or 2 hours before cooking is faster; In a pot deep enough, boil water and place the lentils; After half an hour, add the carrot, cilantro, parsley, garlic, paprika, peppers, onion, these can be chopped in julienne or diced.

  • You will create as a consistency, when you see that the lentils are softened, place the cumin, the marinade, the cubito, the achote the powder and the onoto color and stir the whole mixture.

  • In the lentils; Then you have to cover them while the water fades and there remains pure steam and then turn off to rest and enjoy; Optional put pieces of pork, cutlet, bacon or ham in the lentils in the process of heating.


  • Half piece of '' Year bread '' obtained from the bread tree (scientifically called Artocarpus altilis).

  • Olive or vegetable oil.

  • Pinch of salt to taste.

  • Lentils (half kilo for 7 servings).

  • Dressings such as celeri, 1 paprika, 2 red peppers and 1 onion.

  • Color Onoto.

  • 1 cup of rice.

  • Pepper.

  • A maggy cube.

  • Cumin or curry.

  • Cilantro and carrot.

  • Adobo

  • Cilantro, achote, garlic and parsley powder.

Cumin, curry or optional oregano


  • Oil is placed in a pan, it can be vegetable or olive to be heated; To proceed to chop the '' U '' the bread of year, but previously you should remove the skin from outside, (is literally frying potatoes only that you have to constantly spin) and salt is placed while this the cooking process.

  • Now the preparation of rice is simpler, rice is the most optional carbohydrate in recipes, many ingredients can be placed, but I simply decided to fry it in the pot before placing the two water rates per rice rate, since lentils are very seasoned, placed over low heat covered so that it vaporizes and is a more succulent result.

  • As a result you can appreciate the first image that can be both striking and simple, ideal to prepare it in moments that you are on a free Saturday, something very different, exquisite and to share with the family, when I made this dish, I thought about what I could prepare outside of the common? - Emerging as such this that I wanted to create in this presentation.

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