Radna - one of the most popular Thai dishes.

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Radna is made with stir-fried wide rice noodles, some meat (chicken, beef, pork), Chinese broccoli (or gai lan) and sauce that is made of stock and cornstarch. For seasoning you use soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and pepper or dried chillies.


Sometimes different kind of noodles can be used. In the picture you can see deep fried egg noodles (in Thai they are called mi-krop). I personally prefer them to the wide rice noodles. It is also common to add (apart from already added by the chef) sugar and chillies (that are usually preserved in vinegar).


The mix off sweet, sour and spicy tastes makes this dish really delicious. The price is about $1.5 per dish. Next time you’re in Thailand try it out! You won’t be disappointed :)


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