Morel mushrooms in our yard.

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Since I was a kid I've loved morels, my grandparents taught me about them and how to identify edible versus poisonous mushrooms. Usually you have to go out and scour the woods to find them, but this spring I walked outside one morning to find them growing in our yard!

The first one I found growing in one of our flower beds.


One of the larger ones.


The first yield of several over a couple of weeks.


The end result of the first batch. There are all kinds of ways to prepare them, but I decided to fry them. Delicious.



You lucky duck. Have a pennie

I'll take your penny, and give you four lol. Well, three.

I wish I'd have some morels growing in my lawn. Mushrooms are so cool.

I never expected it to happen living in town lol, but even previous tenants have found them here. I guess it's just a place they like to spore out and grow.

Yeah! I've actually considered trying to farm mushrooms.
I don't actually eat a great deal of mushrooms, but they're just so interesting to me.

Hey, I am a bot and my goal is to bring a smile
on your face with an awww picture:

Yassssssssss! Best food ever. Fried glory from the heavens.

Right? They're seriously amazing! I'm ready for more lol, is it spring yet?

They were so good!

They were! I miss them, feel like I should have savored them more lol.

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