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RE: Miss. Delicious #72 : The Swimming Pig Gastro Pub at Baha Mar!

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Yummmmi food in explanation by @sweetsssj
Hello I am sorry Iam late in coming to your blog.
Just know Iam in work. Now I just finished my job.
I see your blog in my feed. So i run to say that Iam very appraciate every your creation in every post. I have say you are my lecture in travel. So I created a blog in Chines language. if you have time. I hope you can helpm in to resolv my self in future.
Thanks for your kindness Mrs. @Sweetsssj


hi joe, thank you for making a post in Chinese, how did you write it?

Sorry Mrs. @sweetsssj I late to see your replay on my comment. Yeahhh I have told you before. I like your blog. So, I learned every your blog. and I try to write it in english and than, I translate it to your language.
May I know your name