Why Have I Never Eaten These Unmodified Bananas That Contain Seeds Before? 🍌

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After a lifetime of eating bananas all over the world why did I never realize they had seeds. Even in Asia I never really saw seeds... That is until the other day.


I was given these bananas and you can see that when they are cut open the look very different from the bananas that we are all used to.


It turns out that bananas were modified years ago to reduce or effectively removed their seeds. Traditionally grown bananas that have seeds are usually grown ornamentally however there are breeds that have seeds but have a taste superior to store bought bananas.


Here is one of the seeds that I found in this banana. It is a small, hard, black seed with a slight bitter taste if you bight into it. There were only a few seeds in the banana and the taste was awesome.

There is a muslim woman who makes fried bananas on the street near me. I used to find hard black seeds in the batter. Now I know what they are. I will take some pictures for you!

Eat more natural non modified bananas! 😀

Jockey loves you All & Plants as Medicine! 😉
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I have never known about this. Great post!

Thank you very much! I will try to get some photos of the fried ones and you can see the seeds in the batter! 😉

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I read somewhere that we see only a small number of the different types of bananas that existed a century ago.