Less than a dollar: known as Douhua or Taufufa or Soybean Pudding

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Ginger syrup Taufufa, quite a big bowl for a Taufufa that less than a dollar (RM 3.50)

A well known Chinese dessert or snack that is available in almost every Asia country & your country Chinatown. The dessert is made from Tofu (Soybean), it is a white tasteless & Extremely soft dessert/snack if you don't add anything. Tofu is also cooked with many dishes too and can make other cuisines too.

This is a very common Chinese dessert and many Malaysian enjoy this dessert, you can see this dessert in almost every Chinese Car Truck that is parked at night market & morning market. There are also shop that was dedicated to serving Toufufa, soybean drinks, soybean ice cream and other drinks/dessert that made from soybean only.

Dáo at SS15, click here for info

Dáo located at SS15 in Selangor, it is a recommended place to hang out as the environment is nice and the best thing is you don't have to stand and enjoy your dessert.

Taufufa itself is tasteless therefore you can add brown sugar syrup, palm sugar syrup, clear sugar syrup, ginger syrup and etc. I enjoyed eating taufufa, especially on a rainy day because the dessert serves hot.

Have you ever eat Taufufa before? What do you think about this Dessert?


I miss these so much now.

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According to wikipedia, india have this too. :)

havent seen yet. Have to look for it now.

@joythewanderer sorry sorry! I saw it wrongly, it written Indonesia, I thought india :(

Ooo.. I miss this very much.
I've tried the Vietnamese Tau Foo Fa here once and sadly it' not to my liking.
Served in a cup with too much brown sugar and glutinous rice pudding in it.

Different kinds of tau fu fa. That must be very sweet. What is glutinous rice pudding?

Ha ha. I show you in one of post ok.. :)