Sangria recipe (Red wine)

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1/2 cup brandy (I go with the cheapest one I can find)
1/4 cup orange liquor ( I live in Mexico so triple sec is super cheap)
one bottle of red wine
3/4 cup of water (sparkling or regular depending on if you like bubbles or not)
any fruit you have around (I love using seedless green grapes)
Mix all ingredients together and store in fridge for at least 6 hours, the longer you leave it the stronger it gets and I think the tastier it gets)

Serve over ice in a tall glass and make sure you get some of those grapes in it! (I like to pour some of the sangria into ice cube trays with a grape in each to freeze while I am waiting for the wine to steep, it is not as watery then)

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I'll have a tall glass please :)


Easy peasy but be careful it gets stronger the longer you leave it!