I've been craving dumplings

in food •  last year

Sometimes when I get these cravings they can last for weeks.

This time though, the craving struck me while I was driving, which is when I ponder things. (Honestly if I could type while driving both my post count and quality would skyrocket.) So changing my route towards a preferred Chinese food restaurant, my thoughts steered towards my ideal dumplings.

With my birthday coming up, and my post-birthday 30-day fast after that, I've decided to make myself some dumplings from scratch!

FYI, I've never made dumplings.

I'm going to do some research today, and find out what all I need. (In this case 'research' involves watching every episode of Cooking Master Boy.)

I've got a concept in going to go for which will take some actual research. I'm going to be calling them Spirit of the Forest dumplings. (Can you see the Cooking Master Boy influence in the name? With a touch of Kino no Tabi.) They'll have a skin of rice flour possibly with a floral enhancement, and have a filling mix of Japanese forest herbs, rabbit, pork (because boar can't be found around here), and venison.

For now, I'll settle for the standard fast food variety.

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I feel like i pretty much have a constant craving for dumplings... these photos did not help! lol Hope you enjoyed <3

looks so awesome! thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts!