Korean omelette/egg roll

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It's very easy and fun to make and also straightforward. Originally liquid milk is added to the eggs but for the recipe here we didn't add. we have made it with milk before. So, if you want to add milk 🥛, you just need 1 tablespoon of milk, add after you have strained the egg. Let's get cooking 🍳 😋😋😋

3 eggs
White pepper
Paprika and black pepper
Finely chopped
Chopped onions and spring onions
I chopped stotch bonnet pepper
Little vegetable oil

Break eggs, add little salt and beat
Steve/strain eggs to get smooth texture & also to remove cholesterol

Add white pepper, spring onion
Add fresh pepper
Add ur chopped & mix together


Place a non stick pan on medium/low heat
Spread your oil around the pan #u can use brush
Add a quarter egg mixture to pan & spread
Cook for sometime
Wen the side starts to peel off/lifting from sides
You can start folding


Fold till you have folded about half of it
Then shift to the center
Add another quarter of egg mixture and allow to cook
Then fold again

Then shift to the edge of the pan then fold the last bath, allow to cook

Allow to cook a bit
If you dont like your eggs a bit brown when you fry, cook on low heat

Transfer to plate, allow to cool a bit before slicing


This is unique and awesome

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