Guava and Apple Two Fruits Are Nutritious

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Guava and apple two fruits are nutritious. Apple fruit of apple Again many people say that the pair is native apple. Chief Nutrition Supervisor of Food and Nutrition Department of Bardem General Hospital in Dhaka, Shamsunnahar Nahid, has detailed information about the beneficial nutrients and health benefits of apple and guava.


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● There is plenty of vitamin C in paraara. So fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses can prevent body disease.

● Peacock has antioxidant, which increases immunity.

Guava is particularly beneficial for diabetics. It is also necessary to prevent vision and cancer.

● Increases the ability of guava to prevent diseases. Therefore, this fruit should be eaten every day in the guava season.

● Good for eyes, a fruit guava beneficial for the stomach.

● Vitamin A in para Playing guacara increases the eyesight. Nightlife protects from diseases.

Guavas are very useful in controlling high blood pressure.


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● Disease resistance increases in the body.

● Appeal contains vitamins A and Vitamin C It plays a role in preventing Vitamin A and C-related diseases.

● It contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, pectin and malic acid. These materials help in forming the body.

● Apple helps prevent cancer

● Playing apples reduces the risk of heart disease.

● Those who want to reduce fat by eating fat, they can eat apple. Apple does not get fat after playing.

● Apple juice destroys harmful bacteria for teeth. At the same time it is beneficial for dental gums. As a result, the apple is good for playing apple.

● Increasing digestibility increases every day. This results in the digestive tract bacteria created by stomach.

● Apple has adequate boron, which helps keep the bones strong.

● Helps prevent cataracts, arthritis or knee diseases in the eyes of many diseases associated with age.

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