That Perfect Moment......

in food •  20 days ago

..... when the coffee pot starts to gurgle indicating your fresh kona coffee is almost done AND the timer goes off at the same time, indicating the Cinnamon Buns are ready to take out of the oven .............oooOOOoooOOOoooooo......

You add a little icing, anticipation making you want to hurry, but getting all the edges covered just right making you determined not to rush.

Cinnamon buns 1.jpg

*** breathing in the aroma of the magic brew ***

coffee pot .jpg

and then.... you are ready..... to enjoy that delightful combination that has come together in perfect time and harmony.

c buns 2 on plate.jpg

Now your teeth slowly sink into that first warm bun and you can tell that they were baked just the right amount of time.... soft.... cinnamony....... perfection. Mmmmmmmm....

cinnamon bun.jpg

After you slowly savor the first one, you pretend to yourself that you don't know you probably should stop there and you unwind the second one for the fun of it and eat it from the outside tip to the middle.... enjoying every gooey bite until you get to that prime last bite...... in the center.

unwind center.jpg


It's a good day already and I'm wondering what's next, with happy anticipation.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

Love you !


in my happy place

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#sublimesunday @c0ff33a

#beautifulsunday @ace108

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Thank You ! :)


You're welcome


You're welcome


Thanks buddy!

This post is sooo cruel. 😑



I am soooooo jealous!


it was wonderful !

I am not sure my hips will think so later.....LOL !!!!

This would be perfect for #beautifulsunday by my buddy @ace108 and #sublimesunday by my buddy @c0ff33a

Those came out sinfully good!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!


Sinfully..... yes.... they were THAT good !

There are leftovers ha ha.... which may be a miracle in itself. I have some pack for breakfast in the morning and another for.... maybe the next day. I guess I could take some to share.... I'll have to think on it. LOL !

Looks great but for me I think too much sugar. Don't mind just trying one though. :-)


Too much sugar? Is there really such a thing?? ha ha... just kidding. It was a thin glaze and just right for the thickness of the bun. :) I think you would like them.

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coffee, buns ... Wonderful.))


I thought so ! :)