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RE: What I Learned About Eating Paleo from the Steemit Culinary Challenge - Another Winter Weed Salad - 15 wild plants - with foraging ID quiz

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Nice post :) beautiful ,

thanks for sharing really interesting I might get to foraging, although I'm missing those olive oil and good vinegar right now.

Cheers! , wish more people would get to see your post :) very colorful and informative

and about operation translation? the link doesn't work , it's a first for me hearing of it .


Thanks! There are a lot of great weeds to eat out there, whatever kind of dressing you like to put on your salads.
Thanks for letting me know about the link for Operation Translation. I fixed it. The project is to let people translate my posts and post them on their own page. They can keep the earnings for their translations, if they follow the rules under the link. The goal is to make information available to people that use other languages.

Thank you ,great idea :) hope more people get on board :) I saw a steemit clone called golos for the russian crowd, I'm sure more will pop up ad having the articles here is even better in a way :) more people will converse and become bi/tri/.. lingual