Vegan strawberry nice cream!

in food •  last year  (edited)

I have been dreaming about this the whole week...🍓🍧🍓🍧🍓
and finally made it today! Big portion of strawberry coconut milk nice cream😍😍😍 the amazing taste that came out just blow out my mind (also because of the cold temperature😂)the recipe is super easy and you will enjoy it for sure! The strawberry season is carrying on and I eat tones of themThey taste the best now and I eat them in the season only! Wish you a great Tuesday morning!


500g frozen strawberries
150ml coconut milk 75%
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp inulin powder
1 tsp Xylit


Blend everything in a good food processor and serve with fresh strawberries 🍓🍧

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Oh that's absolutely fine food..

thanks mate yes it really is! I love that kind of food!

Ohhh we're on the same page then 😀