Green smoothie energy bomb!

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Hello steemit's friends,

I am back after a break. It's been a busy time recently. I need to tell you that, I wont be here very often but I hope to be able to share time to time my food creations with you.
Today, I have got a green bomb full of nutritional values? This is what I needed last Friday. I had a very exhausted day behind me and it was still one day left till weekend so needed the power of the greens💚 It's slowly the end of kale season here, so I try to use it as often as possible. If you mix it with some sweet fruits it can taste really good.


400g kale
200g lamb's lettuce
1 mango
200 ml water
4 tbs coconut milk 75%
2 tsp ground flax seeds
1 avocado
1 banana
3 tsp almond butter
1 tbsp vegan protein
squeeze of lemon juice

Mix everything together in a food processor till you achieve a smooth consistency. Enjoy!

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Wow delicious

It's so nice to see you back again! That smoothie looks delicious, so healthy and nourishing :)

thank you so much for your nice words! I am glad you like it! geetings !

Witaj Waldku! Brakowało nam tu Ciebie i Hermana 🐭😉😊

hehe dzieki Monia!:)bardzo milo to slyszec:))) bede jednak rzadziej ale bede:)POzdrowki do Australii(zazdroszcze)

It sound and looks very delicious. You are showing great awesome healthy combinations I appreciate. Thanks for sharing and welcome back ;)

Boa Waldemar, dein Menü ist nicht zu topen, deine Bilder sind viel mehr wert..... danke auch für die tolle Rezepte

It looks absolutely healthy, fresh & yummy!

I just love green smoothies! I drink one every morning at it fills up my stomach and I feel very light afterwards :) thanks for the post!