8 examples for HOW to express LOVE with food!

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This post may not only be useful on a day like Valentine's day but on every single one, when you want to say to someone "you are very special". The food ideas are not only expressing yourself with feelings and emotions but first of all are showing, that you are able to give to someone one of the most valuable thing on the earth -TIME. Do not forget to have time for loving people, they are leaving so quickly... I hope just a little, that I could get your attention for a bit, to think about people on the globe, who have enclosed us in their hearts and think about us every day. Lets do not forget also these, who need our love in any possible way. Be the one, who share love and happiness, as these are two things that are expanding through sharing and get multiplying on their own.

Vegan cheesecake with strawberries and raspberries

Chocolate-mango mousse with coconut cream

Just a breakfast bowl with some banana hearts

Fruit flowers in a nuts breakfast bowl

Three pastel smoothie jars

Berries chia pudding and nice cream

Porridge with chocolate granola, apple and cinnamon +heart

Hearty cheesecake with strawberries and coconut cream

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Every-day love is so important indeed! Beautiful pics. Wouldn't mind the recipe for Chocolate-mango mousse with coconut cream... mango season here... with so many trees in the garden I need mango recipes hehe ;)

hello ,I up voted ,re steem and followed .
I hope to be strong like you .

Thanks wish you good luck and cu here:)

Any chance you got any recipes for these amazing pictures??

Wow, wow and WOW - everything looks gorgeous ♥

thank you so much I am glad you like them all:)

Oh myyy adopt me please :) Do you have a recipe for that first cheesecake? :)

yeah Nicole you can be my helper too together with Herman:) then all food will be yours:) The cheesecake has been made from rest ingredients from another cake but is very easy with cashew nuts and raw cocoa and fruits.

Haha Yeay :) Me and Herman would be best buddies :D.
Ohh interesting =) It's amazing what you can do with leftovers =)

You are truly an artist Waldemar.................this is such a beautiful collection of vegan delights. And I totally agree with what you wrote 🌸💖🌸

Thank you :) art and food are my passions and I love to multiply love!

My pleasure.............. I can totally relate to that 😊

These all look incredible!! 😍😍✨

thank you very much!

Are these all your photos? you are so busy! they look amazing! ok so i have a few queries.... are you vegan? it says raw and natural ingredients in your tag line? obviously i can see a few things here that are processed, merci chocolates/ wiped cream? i only ask because im making a post on new vegan steemians but they must be vegan and promoting healthy eating (non processed) let me know DANKE

Hi, yes all photos are mine. I am using only unprocessed healthy ingredients. The Merci chocolate is only for decoration like flowers, which I don't eat:) The cream is made from coconut milk 75%

Wow thats amazing that you make coconut cream from milk, i had such trouble with that so i don't now how you got it looking do good. If you are up for it and you dont mind me using one of your photos for an article on vegan newbies and i mention you of course..... but u must be vegan yourself, u are vegan or?

I love to express love with food!!! Thats really what I try to do every day;)