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These cupcakes are artistically done with tender loving care.
Then we have this cake....I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a leprechaun hat or maybe there is some other cartoon character that I am not hip enough to know what this is supposed to be.41982936_238070533541296_2607934510855472590_n.jpg
Princess cake.....Cinderella style. This one is really nice with nice take home cookies to go with it. I like this one a lot.
This is another girl's cake. I suppose she likes apples? Another nice idea of the take home bags. Kids love stuff like that.

I am not the baker, just a friend who can occasionally see some of the work, and when I do, I post the pictures to help others with ideas for those who do bake or have kids and want to show someone how they want a cake to look.

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Your friend has some talent.


That is for sure. I end posting a cake or two every few weeks. I can't imagine that it is the most exciting content, so I try to limit it somewhat, but I know that I have a good amount of followers that like to see this sort of thing. My blog seems to be a mix of travel, baked goods, adventures, and I'm not even sure what else. I have so many other areas of interest that I could just ramble on about.

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Well thank you Bob, that is might nice of you for picking up on my multiple cake bonus posting for today.

These are gorgeous, I love the shoes :)

Beautifull cake

OH POR DIOS!!!! Que rico, me encantaría probar todo

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so cutee :)))