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in food •  3 months ago

pink ruffled cake.jpg
This is yet another cake by my friend the baker. They are not real flowers, they are indeed fake flowers for the real look of simulated flowers. It is my understanding that this cake is not actually one that is frosted with a fondant, but with a real butter cream icing. I suppose that is why it doesn't look like some of the other perfectly shaped ones that I post because there is some more wiggle room or margin for error with the softer style icing.

The other stuff is practically like wax and is based on Crisco oil or shortening for those that don't know it. It is not exactly the healthiest topping or option to put on the top of your cake. People eat it all the time and love it though.

This one was made for a simply surprise party for someone coming back to town for a visit. That's why there is no lettering or writing on it for any particular occasion. It is still pretty impressive nonetheless and stands alone rather nicely.

I also think it was said that it could serve 30 people between the multiple stacks. My guess is that it would serve more, but it is always hard to judge in pictures.

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Greetings, Inspire

Nice cake, man.

Here in my country, Brazil, a few years ago, a lot of people started showing up to make sweets and homemade cakes for parties. That's pretty cool. I imagine you bring them a good income.

Congratulations to your friend for the excellent cake and that he can continue well on this journey.

Good afternoon!!!!


Thanks very much for having a look. I'm sure that cakes are as beautiful in Brazil as the people are. I will get there some day.

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That is to beautiful to eat. Love it :)


Thanks for having a look at my posts. I'll get back to some other things besides cakes soon. I've been busy with a lot of travel escapades lately and posting about them. I need to shift to some other things too.


I agree its best to mix things up now and again :)


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