Homemade Easy Baklava Recipe - Full Video Recipe

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Hey guys,
it's been a while since i posted here. I'm back with a sweet delicious baklava recipe.
Which is a world wide, popular recipe ;)
Are you a baklava fan?
I adore the sweet, special the baklava it is so easy to make. You just need a baklava dough, i bought mine, i mean why to make it at home it will take time and force and i love the easy and delicious recipe with no much time make and less force, that's why it is so easy to make. You will need a cup of your favorite nuts, i love pistachio so i made it with pistachio but you can make it with walnut, almonds or cajo.

Homemade Baklava

Prep time: 30 minutes
Baking time: 25 minutes


500g ready baklava dough

1 cup Crushed pistachio

1 cup melted butter

For syrup:

2 cups sugar

1 and 1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon rose water

The way:

  • Prepare the syrup, in a saucepan put the 2 cups sugar with water. Boil first on a high heat, then reduce heat to medium, keep stir then add the lemon juice. When the syrup star thicken add rose water and remove from heat.

  • Grease a 33 cm tray with butter, add first layer of baklava. Grease with another layer of butter, add another baklava layer, repeat for the next 14 layers.

  • On the 14 layers add the pistachio.

  • Cover with another layer of baklava sheet dough, grease it; add another layer without grease it . Then add another layer and grease it, repeat the 14 layers until end with a non grease last layer.

  • Cut the extra edges dough with a knife, then cut the baklava into a small rectangles.

  • Pour the leftover butter at the top of baklava.

  • Spread with a brush.

  • Bake at 200°C for 25 minutes.When out of oven, pour the syrup on the baklava. Cool completely before serve it.


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